How does it work?

Give us a call, or fill out the form on our Contact page, and we'll contact you with your personalized Resume package quote. Pricing variables are based upon your career level, the specificity of information you provide to us (such as previous Resume), turnaround time required, number of add-ons (cover letters, alternate Resumes, etc.)

What are my payment options?

We'll prepare and email your First Drafts within one week of receipt of your deposit (50% of quoted price). We take checks, money orders and Paypal only.

Do I have a say in the changes made after each draft?

Of course! You will proofread and suggest any revisions to the Resume writer–since YOU are the best authority on your own history and work experience.

When will I receive the final draft of my Resume?

Once you approve your final drafts, you are invoiced for the balance due and emailed your final Microsoft Word documents.

Now, get out there with the kind of Resume that opens the doors to the jobs you want most...
The more interviews, the more offers.

And let us work with you to rewrite, revise, and redesign a tight, terse, professional Resume
package that best represents your strengths, your accomplishments and your goals.