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Do I really need a Cover Letter? Won’t my Resume stand out on its own merit?

Cover Letters serve a different purpose than the Resumes they accompany. They can be used to build rapport. They can convey your personality in ways your just-the-facts Resume cannot. This contributes to the building of your personal brand, a concept big in the Resume business these days. Your Cover Letter can help explain why you are the best applicant for this particular position; why you are seeking a career change; and who referred you to this job opening in the first place.

Generally speaking, Cover Letters serve as introductions to the YOU that exists outside of your Resume, with its listings of job descriptions and accomplishments. It is conjectured that Cover Letters are ignored when Resumes are computer-selected. But, my guess is that although the Resume may be selected by a computer, it is indeed read next by an actual person. He or she will be seeking as much information about the applicant as possible, so they will certainly have interest in reading an attached Cover Letter at this point. Since Cover Letters are easy to custom-fit to various job postings, the consensus is that the advantage goes to those who include them. So, they are better included than not.

To get quality responses to your Resume and its accompanying documents, you need a crisp, strategically written, professionally designed Resume, Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter. Your Resume, Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter need to best represent your personal achievements and your own unique expertise.

Our Mission Statement

To provide the best Resume writing service that will produce outstanding Resumes; and to do it for the best pricing possible. We offer personalized, fairly priced, professional Resume writing services in a boutique environment. We want you to get what you pay for. It's that simple.

How do we write Resumes That Get Results?

We take extra time and attention to explore your strengths, your achievements, your current requirements, your future goals. An ongoing dialog is established where you, the client, are encouraged to offer input and feedback at every stage of the process. This is because YOU are our greatest resource when it comes to YOUR Resume.

After we discuss your background and your aspirations, we write and we rewrite until we have custom tailored your Resume. We incorporate your modifications, and we revise your Resume until we are both satisfied with the final draft. The hours spent vary with each client's unique needs and background, but we can break down the process as follows: research and consultation, writing and design, typesetting, editing, and proofreading. Contact us. You will not be disappointed.

How can Resumes That Get Results! help you?

Professional Writers. Resumes that Get Results! has Resume writers with years of editing, marketing, advertising, and sales experience. This means that we can quickly determine what it will take to get your Resume to the top of the heap. We find the unique selling points that separate you from the rest and will open the doors to those job interviews.

Boutique Shop. Resumes That Get Results! is a small boutique shop of professional Resume writers. That means you get personalized attention and 100% commitment from our staff of professional Resume writers. Your project is important, and it won’t be lost amongst the others.

Meticulous. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are our thing. Every Resume is proofread multiple times so your content will be delivered in an “error-free zone.”

Communication. Whether you prefer telephone or email, we will keep you in close contact so any questions are quickly addressed and any changes are quickly made.

Each Resume is individually designed and formatted with up-to-date language, layouts, and type styles. Be assured, your documents are presented in the most effective manner without templates or standardization.

Keyword Rich. All documents are filled with the language common to your particular field to allow for computerized matching of your Resume to employers’ specifications.

Partner. We’ll work with you to understand your goals so we can match and communicate your personal brand to various employers and their needs.

Priced Right. We’re small, so we can keep your pricing affordable.

FREE Consultation. Ask us questions. Talk to us about your needs. There’s no consulting fee.